I assure you, we’re open…

28 06 2008

Parkade might have closed temporarily, but BootieSL is going ahead tonight regardless. We’re shifting the party over to the beach at Club Republik, so grab your swimsuit, bikini or trunks and join us at 7pm PDT for me (Miss Cyberpink) DJing the Mash n’ Grab set prior to switching over to A&D, PartyBen, Dada and the rest of the Bootie crew at the DNA Lounge, San Francisco.

Normal service WILL be resumed at Parkade soon!!!
We’ll be reopening the club on the Kara Zor Isle sim, which coincedentally is where Fukmi’s flagship ‘Fukmi Clothing’ store is. It’s also the home to Linda Brown’s gorgeous shop ‘Luscious Latex’. I know the girls well there and am so grateful for the offer of a home for Parkade. As the sim is losely based on an old airport, there will be a few cosmetic changes to Parkade, but nothing major, although I am building a new dancefloor 😀

I’ll be liasing with the builder at Kara Zor this week and planning things out, so Parkade will be rebuilt next Sunday/Monday. We’ve got quite a busy schedule lined up on Kara Zor this week though, with the Parkade crew playing ‘cuckoo’ and taking over the larger existing club there until that goes and Parkade moves in. So, the lineup?

Sunday Midday-2pm PDT – Traffic Jambient with Miss Cyberpink
Tuesday 2-4pm PDT – Terminal Velocity with DJ Foximus
Wednesday 2-4pm PDT – Cruise Control with DJNoNo Ulysses
Thursday 4-6pm PDT – Overdrive with Miss Cyberpink
Friday TBA – Independence Day Party with special 4 hour set by Miss Cyberpink
Saturday 5th July 2-6pm PDT – Candy Girls with Miss Cyberpink & possible guest DJ


Take Pride in what you do…

23 06 2008

I’ve been asked to DJ at this year’s official SecondLife Pride celebrations, which of course is a massive honour and one that I gladly undertake.   I’ll be spinning on Sunday 13th and Saturday 19th of July, 1-3am PDT both times…   Again, I’ll post a more substantial entry closer to the time, with the dates, times and location.   It’s gonna be a HUGE party and one not to miss…

This is Radio Clash…

8 06 2008

OMG, I can has a mashup on Radio Clash!!   The nice Mr. Bearcub has featured ‘Strangeword’ in an episode of his abso-bloody-lutely brilliant podcast.   Hop, skip n’ jump over to the Radio Clash website to get it…

In other news, the second mashup is already being formulated and controlled in the lab, so keep watching this space for more info.

Don’t take your eyes off it 😉

Miss Cyberpink – Strangeword

25 05 2008

My first mashup!!! Depeche Mode’s ‘Strangelove – Blind Mix’ vs Cameo’s ‘Word Up’. Premiered at the Mash n’ Grab set at Parkade, before last night’s BootieSL. Seemed to go down well 😀

Miss Cyberpink – Strangeword: Download it here – Comments always welcome!

So, what is this thing then?

16 05 2008

Hi, just a quick note to let everyone know that this will be the musically creative side of my blogging output, with all my mashups, remixes and DJ mixes being posted here. They’ll tie in with announcements on GYBO and also my other blog, so it should be relatively easy to find the stuff I make, right here…